Behind the lens . . . . .

Not everyone in a team can be the star There is something great in the art of a good photographer. In the main they exist to make the rest of us look

Finally here . . . . .

It is hard to know when it started and I am not even really sure if today is the day it finishes but today I have my book launch. That was

It’s a different world

This morning we were due to be involved with a management development programme based out of Port Hamble.  However the weather forecast predicated 25 Knots+ and rain so the less hardy

The space between us

A team is made of space Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl writes, from out of the depths of his experience in the concentration camps: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In

The See Saw of Resilience

A Short piece written by one of our team – Serena McCarthy   Do you remember playing on a see saw as a child? Bouncing up, and landing with a thud.


What is the best model for resilience?  Sometimes we think of a resilient person as like the preverbal brick wall.  Nothing seems to phase them.  They just keep going and going.