Behind the lens . . . . .

Not everyone in a team can be the star There is something great in the art of a good photographer. In the main they exist to make the rest of us look

It’s a different world

This morning we were due to be involved with a management development programme based out of Port Hamble.  However the weather forecast predicated 25 Knots+ and rain so the less hardy

Ploughing Fields

Sometimes it is just hard work.  The long days of summer are over the harvest has been gathered in, the elation of completion is over but still the hard work must


  Here at Hunter Moore we like a good water based analogy – well one of our directors does, so we all smile and nod.  Having said that one thing we

Celebrating Success

Flowers, Champagne, Chocolate It is the boss’ wedding anniversary today at Hunter Moore.  It is not one of those big ones where everyone knows the thing you have to buy and,