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Space the final frontier Introduction The famous line from the opening scenes of StarTrek talked of the starship Enterprise  going boldly into space to discover new worlds  . . . .

Open to Change

Are you open to change?   If the answer to that question is yes, then great. If not, why not?   Where does that fear or resistance to change in our

Team vs Crew

Sometimes we inter-change the description of the people around us that we do things with – team, crew, posse, church, mates, etc.  However it is sometimes worth looking a little deeper

Ploughing Fields

Sometimes it is just hard work.  The long days of summer are over the harvest has been gathered in, the elation of completion is over but still the hard work must


  Here at Hunter Moore we like a good water based analogy – well one of our directors does, so we all smile and nod.  Having said that one thing we


Common Goal It is not often that you hear a sports team asking where is the goal.  It happened once when my sister played Lacrosse in the days where there was