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There are always cool kids

I was sitting in the back of a taxi driving from Mumbai to Pune.  It was my first time in India and the traffic was taking a little time to get

Finally here . . . . .

It is hard to know when it started and I am not even really sure if today is the day it finishes but today I have my book launch. That was

Classic Reportin’ – no g

In these days of fast moving business change some organisations have looked to the past to provide some stability. Think of BMW introducing a revival of the classic Mini, Fiat with the

Personality Politics

  The US Presidential Debate is dominating headlines. It’s hard to resist taking an interest or having an opinion, despite a very British distaste for personality politics. I found myself willing


It is always good when someone walks into the office having found something we all want to watch.  We remember Breaking Bad, Mad Men and of course West Wing but sometimes


Space the final frontier Introduction The famous line from the opening scenes of StarTrek talked of the starship Enterprise  going boldly into space to discover new worlds  . . . .