The Little Things

Making the tea in the office is not everyones cup of tea . . .oh dear that sentence didn’t go well at all, but I think you understand what I mean. 

Building Support

We normally like to use a wave as our illustration for support but in a break with tradition the team have challenged me to look at a different visual aid.  So


It is always good when someone walks into the office having found something we all want to watch.  We remember Breaking Bad, Mad Men and of course West Wing but sometimes


Space the final frontier Introduction The famous line from the opening scenes of StarTrek talked of the starship Enterprise  going boldly into space to discover new worlds  . . . .

Open to Change

Are you open to change?   If the answer to that question is yes, then great. If not, why not?   Where does that fear or resistance to change in our

Team vs Crew

Sometimes we inter-change the description of the people around us that we do things with – team, crew, posse, church, mates, etc.  However it is sometimes worth looking a little deeper