There are always cool kids

I was sitting in the back of a taxi driving from Mumbai to Pune.  It was my first time in India and the traffic was taking a little time to get

Behind the lens . . . . .

Not everyone in a team can be the star There is something great in the art of a good photographer. In the main they exist to make the rest of us look

Finally here . . . . .

It is hard to know when it started and I am not even really sure if today is the day it finishes but today I have my book launch. That was

Classic Reportin’ – no g

In these days of fast moving business change some organisations have looked to the past to provide some stability. Think of BMW introducing a revival of the classic Mini, Fiat with the

It’s a different world

This morning we were due to be involved with a management development programme based out of Port Hamble.  However the weather forecast predicated 25 Knots+ and rain so the less hardy

Celebrating Success

Being Based in Coventry we haven’t had a lot of sporting success to celebrate for the last decade or so. The ice hockey & speedway fans I am sure will point to