Our service and support is multi-faceted and we provide a range of different solutions for different businesses but nearly all contain a hefty dose of one of these 3 main categories; People, Partners and Process: The 3P’s. Knowing and understanding the importance of these 3P’s is what makes Hunmoco such a valuable proposition for your business.


People are the heartbeat of any successful business and investing in both your own and your team’s development will pay for itself many times over. We offer a range of tailored services that focus on improving the overall performance of your team. These can be delivered to an individual or to the wider enterprise. 

We have worked with Senior Management, Project Teams, Software Teams, Sales teams and Customer Service Teams to name but a few.

We have a range of tools to assist our work including our own team testing facility.  However nothing beats spending time with your team, understanding what drives the attitudes and behaviours they have.  With this understanding we work with you to show them the bigger picture and the progression you want them to share in.  This will nurture cultural and behavioural change as well as building trust.


Your relationship with your business partners will either grease the gears or put a spanner in the works depending on who you choose and how you engage with them.

When it comes to implementing solutions for you, we only work with partners who we believe offer the best products to assist us in your transformation


People are the core of any successful business but without good processes to enable those people to perform at their best most companies struggle to be successful.

Mapping, analysing and improving processes in your business can be difficult when you have worked so closely to them for long periods of time. Being unable to see the wood for the trees is a scenario we see play out time and time again. Some of our biggest wins in transforming businesses for the better have come from our expertise in creating streamlined yet robust business processes in areas previously thought of as ‘optimised’.

Many of these success stories have used Nimbus Control within the process development.  We like working with Nimbus Control mainly because it puts people and adoption at the centre of the process requirement.  More recently we have worked with Skore & Q9 & other software. We recommend you have a chat to us as this is a fast changing area of the technology market place and matching your needs to the technology available is key to successful implementation.



Bite Sized title – Late, over budget and not working – how did that happen; again?

Project Management is many things to many people.  As part of the course we give you tools to define the role you as project manager are being asked to play.  Building on this initial clarity you can then develop the processes, people skills and define the deliverables to make the project a success.

Health Warning – If the project is seriously undefined or underfunded we won’t be able to train you to make it successful but our assertiveness course might help you to say no.

Process Mapping Workshops

We really enjoy running process workshops.  The moment when someone from one area of the business has a light on moment about another part of the business is fantastic.  If you would like us to help you develop your end-to-end processes then do call on 024 7645 7159.

If you would rather run your own workshops but do not feel you have a skills currently we can assist you with training to develop the facilitators and process mapper to get the most out of the workshops.  We normally do this as a balance of theory and practical work.

Nimbus Control Consulting

At Hunmoco we have a proven track record in assisting companies with Nimbus Control implementations.  We offer assistance with training, proof of concept, centre of excellence, process transfer and process improvement work.

If you would like to discuss how your organisation could benefit from our affordable assistance do call Mark Jarvis on 02476 214790.